The Benefits of Installing Electric Fireplaces in Hair Salons

Having a cozy hair salon is a dream for many owners. Setting up an electric fireplace is a great way to ensure comfort for your staff and client’s experiences while working and getting services at your premises.

In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of electric fireplaces.

They have no fumes

Electric fireplaces have a cord that is plugged into the wall’s outlet. Since there is no gas being pumped in, there are no real flames and hence little or no smoke that can penetrate from your saloon. You will have the same warmth as that which you could get from a real fire without the worry of inhaling toxic fumes that are produced by real fires.

Low Maintenance

Evaluating the cost of owning a real fireplace can be scary due to the high cost of maintaining it. Burning wood creates fumes and ash which have to be cleaned up from your home at a cost. The smoke leaves the soot residue in the chimney which has to be regularly cleaned up to enable the smoke to move up to the outside smoothly.

These costs do not arise when using an electric fireplace because smoke or fumes are not produced which puts the maintenance requirements for an electric fireplace lower and affordable. There is no chimney that needs to be cleaned up and you are guaranteed of having a clean environment in your salon.

Low Installation Costs

Traditional fireplaces are expensive to install and the bill may run into a few thousand dollars for a small fireplace.

On the converse, electric fireplaces are cheaper to buy and install. In fact, the initial cost is just a small fraction depending on the size and capabilities.

A saloon will not require a big electric fireplace and it will, therefore, cost quite less. Also, the electric fireplace does not require additional things such as chimneys as it uses a new technology of heating up the room.

Conservation of energy

During winter times, heating is required in the salon to keep warm and this may gobble up all your earnings. Modern electric fireplaces come with a technology that conserves energy thus saving you money in the long run.

Easy to Install

Installation of electric fireplaces is easy because it does not require major adjustments in the nature of your room. It simply fits in your premises arrangements and in the space that is available and no remodeling is required. Traditional fireplaces demand more space during installation because of creating spaces for the chimney and may, therefore, demand one of the walls to be knocked off during installation.


Electric fireplaces can last for a long time. They do not wear off easily and they are still effective even after many years of continued use. They continue to perform at the same level as if they are new for a long time thus giving your business an opportunity to recover its costs while enjoying the benefits of the fireplace.

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